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Alcohol fueled escapism works. Fact.

Alcohol fueled escapism works. Fact.

al·co·hol·ic [adjective] containing or relating to alcoholic liquor [noun] a person suffering from dependence on alcohol I am confident the former is a fair description of me on a semi-permanent basis, while the later is as close to the mark as me securing employment as a NASA pilot. Damn my poor eye sight. There is, … Continue reading

  • Not sure why the pint glass is so large but its very effective.

Naked Blogging is not what you think…

I'm not an average 20 something. No one wants to think they're average at anything. I am however in a very common position. I'm very, very naked. Before you get excited, or more likely leave, allow me to define as such:

[adjective] bare, stripped, or destitute

[attributive] (especially of feelings or behaviour) expressed openly; undisguised

Take what you want from this, I don't have life's answers, I'm just keeping an eye out. Our lessons come not from reaching a destination, but the journey itself.



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