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Post #1! An introduction & shocking revelation

I’m not naked. If my blog title has lead to disappointment, I can only apologise, but question what lead you to this whimsical new blog, by yours truly. Take comfort in that you will not be the last to be unfulfilled by my ramblings, but I will honestly endeavour to post nothing but the purest, highest quality information regarding life for the 20 something, who regardless of material clothing, is feeling naked against the world.

I start this post in a situation where I myself, despite the opinions many of you may hold of me, am thoroughly naked. Not because I work from home, but because I am giving up a dream job, for a dream company in search of greener pastures.

Obviously the grass is greener on the other side..

The reason I know they’re so vivaciously green? Well they exist only in mind as of yet, so if I don’t believe I can find them, I’ll have to make them myself. That and I set myself the goal of two years with SIFE UK, and come July 31st, time is up. And I’m a stubborn son of a… (note to self, research blog etiquette)

I may have been lucky to find such an incredible job through SIFE upon leaving university, but I am not alone in where I find myself now. Somewhat bereft of focus, wondering what direction to through myself in, and to where to find these glorious pastures new. I do hope that whomever you may be – student, graduate, entrepreneur, in mid 20s or 29 since ’89 – you take solace in the fact you are not alone. Not only are there are others like you, such as myself, but some of us (definitely myself) have so much free time on our hands we wish to express our whimsical ideas, or naked truths of life through the medium of blogging.

This really is only an introductory post, but I spent yesterday at the Business Startup Show where I saw an extraordinary man speak about how to become a World Class Coach. I will no doubt try to absorb his whirlwind of information and challenges, and post on it in due course. One thing he did say though, was to write a book. And put naked in it. It scares people, grabs attention and is controversial. A lot like me after a few post-work beverages. And I do have to agree, it makes for a nice revealing title, and takes the edge off the edgier things I might one day think to say. But until then, I’m going to leave you with nothing other than the promise I will write a follow up to this. And many more. Probably.


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Operations Director, SIFE UK. Educational entrepreneur. Progressive philosopher. Gooner. And apparent blogger.


One thought on “Post #1! An introduction & shocking revelation

  1. Look forward to reading more! And best of luck with your glorious new pastures!

    Posted by Jonathan Shad | May 18, 2012, 6:29 pm

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