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Alcohol fueled escapism works. Fact.


[adjective] containing or relating to alcoholic liquor

[noun] a person suffering from dependence on alcohol

I am confident the former is a fair description of me on a semi-permanent basis, while the later is as close to the mark as me securing employment as a NASA pilot. Damn my poor eye sight.

There is, as I shall explain a very good reason for this. Alcohol is a great form of escapism. As long as you know that’s all it is. Now most people don’t know their weekly intake, so try this unit calculator on for size with following:

Men should drink no more than 21 units of alcohol per week (and no more than 4 units in any one day).
Women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week (and no more than 3 units in any one day).

Further to that, the NHS puts you at high risk if you are:

Regularly drinking more than 8 units a day or 50 units a week if you’re a man
Regularly drinking more than 6 units a day or 35 units a week if you’re a woman

According to last weekend, I make high risk look like a walk in the park. And I suffered for it, don’t you worry. Not as much as some of my friends (and you know exactly who you are) it has to be said, but that in itself is not a great indicator. But do I regret it? Not one tiny bit. I got exactly what I expected spending two nights out in England’s two biggest cities for nightlife with people with self imposed titles including The Cuff Daddy and The Ladmiral. To be fair, the former is soon to be a daddy, and is good off the cuff (as in quick witted before you get confused…). As for the latter… well, the less said about him the better! I was in huge need of just chilling out, letting it go and drinking and having some fun with some good friends I frankly don’t see often enough. We drank, we fought, we made our ancestors proud. And I didn’t embarrass myself any more than a few amusing Facebook photos would suggest. Mission accomplished. I’d give myself an A+

It’s escapism, plain and simple, from the various things that wind me up, stop me sleeping or push my hairline back another inch. It worked a treat. This week I’ve felt more productive, set some goals (only little ones but it’s a start!) and regulated my sleeping pattern, with time to lie in the sun as well. Not productive enough to get this blog written on Monday it must be said (or the subsequent days that followed…), but that was more due to finding free time when I felt creative, inspired and didn’t want a beer in the sun instead.

All jest aside, while its great escapism, drinking, you have to be fully aware that the answers to life’s problems lie not at the bottom of an empty glass, but tucked in the back of an inspired mind filled with information. But, as I haven’t found my solutions and focus yet, I need to keep looking, requiring a lot of work, and alcohol sure takes the edge off the struggle.

If anyone is finishing exams, celebrating the Queen’s life & reign, or just up for a big one this weekend, have a corker, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. If you’re going or want to go to Fatboy Slim’s Big Beach Boutique in Brighton, let me know as I want to be there too! Finally, recent studies have proven inconclusive that alcohol increases your sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex by 60%, despite what you may think. That and I prove it wrong on a regular basis!

Stay classy friends. Especially when drinking.


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