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Not sure why the pint glass is so large but its very effective. Advertisements

Alcohol fueled escapism works. Fact.

al·co·hol·ic [adjective] containing or relating to alcoholic liquor [noun] a person suffering from dependence on alcohol I am confident the former is a fair description of me on a semi-permanent basis, while the later is as close to the mark as me securing employment as a NASA pilot. Damn my poor eye sight. There is, … Continue reading

Breeding creativity…

Boom. Here it is. The infamously difficult follow up (blog). The difficult second album. Dissapoointing film sequel. In relative blog terms, I’ve conquered this demon. I have done what the Arctic Monkey’s failed to do. What the Wachowski’s could only dream of. What nipples on the Bat suit just didn’t achieve. Whilst I didn’t have … Continue reading

Post #1! An introduction & shocking revelation

I’m not naked. If my blog title has lead to disappointment, I can only apologise, but question what lead you to this whimsical new blog, by yours truly. Take comfort in that you will not be the last to be unfulfilled by my ramblings, but I will honestly endeavour to post nothing but the purest, … Continue reading


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